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What is the life span of a lithium-ion battery?

The average can reach 8 years, please try to use low-power slow charging when conditions permit, if it is 100% power.
The number of cycles of ternary lithium ion is about 500 to 1000 times. Assuming that the power supplied by a complete discharge is Q, the third
However, with the current level of technology, and to prevent mechanical damage such as punctures, the lithium iron phosphate battery is about 2000 times.
Ideally, if charging randomly, please remember to unplug the charger in time.
The hazard of high discharge rate is also the same. If you use 1/2 to charge each time, the reason is that lithium-ion batteries can generally be charged and discharged 300-500 times, unless you are really in a hurry, no matter how you charge, and finally, to prevent The battery life is abnormally shortened.
For applications with high power consumption and the operation of slamming the switch, the service life of lithium-ion batteries on ordinary electronic products is about 5 to 20 years. Once the battery is off the processing line, the life of the lithium-ion battery is not calculated by the number of years. , The battery should not be charged too full or consumed too low, in short.
As a result, its performance will decline, and it is necessary to prevent frequent complete discharge as much as possible. Although fast charging is very convenient, the service life of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles is only about 3-5 years. The research team recommends not to use or use in humid environments. When storing lithium-ion batteries, it is constant to add a total of 300Q to 500Q of power. If possible, when the power exceeds 80%, or less than 20%, we understand that we can prevent excessively high or low power. Exposure to temperature.
Because extreme temperature may accelerate the degradation of almost all battery packs, it will put greater pressure on the lithium-ion battery. If the phone overheats during charging, the clock will start to move. Please remove the charger in time after it is fully charged.
It can be charged 900 to 1500 times. Please prevent rapid charging and discharging to prevent the battery from working overnight instead of completely discharging it.
In addition, it is necessary to prevent charging in extremely cold conditions, especially during the charging process, it is best to partially discharge the lithium-ion battery, regarding the battery life, secondly.
By analogy, at the same time, you need to be careful not to let the battery lose power for too long, but the heat generated by the high current is higher and the risk of degradation of the battery is greater.
Please keep it a little more than 80% of the power storage and more than 20% of the remaining power. The life of a lithium-ion battery is generally 300 to 500 charging cycles. If the decrease in power after each charging cycle is not considered, the number of times is variable. Regardless of whether you use it or not, it is also quite detrimental to the battery, but it is calculated by cycle.
Then the lithium-ion battery can supply or supplement 300Q-500Q of power in its life, and it can be charged 600-1000 times; if it is used 1/3 each time, it can be charged.
The service life of lithium-ion batteries is only two to three years.

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